Buster Posey

Cancer this week:

Buster Posey is an up-and-coming baseball player for the San Francisco Giants. The poetic incongruity of his name is so apt a symbol for your imminent future, I’m making him your patron saint. According to my reading of the omens, you’ll be called on to be like a “Buster” — a macho, pushy, no-nonsense dude who gets things done — but you will also find power in being as delicate and lovely and innocent as the small flower bouquet known as a posey. Sometimes it’ll make sense to be one or the other. On other occasions, you’ll benefit from being in both modes simultaneously.

Now that sounds challenging.  I’m certainly capable of either but simultaneously.  Whoa.  I’m hoping that I’m an up and coming employed person just like Buster that’s for certain.  I’m qualified but also up and coming.  I am a no-nonsense dudette but hopefully I’ve curbed the macho pushy bit.  I suspect, however, that the requirement for being a buster and a posey will actually be on the home front as we deal with Dad’s up and coming issues.

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