Wheel of the Year update

I figured that I should document something other than the fact that I’m not working.  I’ve been working on the Wheel of the Year project again.  With most large projects I work on, I tend to get to a certain point of okayness, get overwhelmed with some aspet I didn’t think out as far as I could have, get bored, want to work on something else for awhile. Whatever the reason I set aside large projects for significant amounts of time. I haven’t worked on these panels in quite some time.   It appears to be March 2008.  Whoa.  I might have picked them up here and there but not for much.  But I keep them close and when I was moving into my folks home I thought it would a great portable project.

And I’m back in it and having a really great time.  At the time I started I told myself I would get all the basics stitched in and if I didn’t want to work on it more I would call it good and finish it up.  I’ve decided that I want this to be taken to the nth degree.  I’m going to put a lot more into these panels.  More than I show here even. I want this thing embellished as much as possible and have accepted that this might take me a very long time.   The backgrounds are going to be filled in more.  I can hardly wait to see how this all works out.

I’ve made some small and large changes to several of the panels.  I will show how the panels looked in March 08 and how they look today. Clickie make biggie…

Yule – added snow and snowflakes (crystals), the white made a huge difference, not sure if it shows in the photo but things really pop now.


Now: I’ve added white around all the holly leaves, along the cardinal’s wing, and along the branches.  Crystals for snowflakes, some of which have trails to show their fall which are hard to see in the photo. You can see one across the bird’s wing.


Ostara: added more rust accents to rabbit and purple to the lilies.  More coming here but I haven’t been told what yet.  Certainly beading.




Samhain: Harder to tell the changes. I ripped a bunch of stitching out because some of the colors weren’t working for me.  The snake is no longer outlined in black but dark blue. I changed the blossoms of the nightshade plant, added little stars to the berries where the blossom “bellybutton” lives on all fruit, changed the black outline on the vines to blues and greens.





Mabon: More noticable changes.  Changed the highlights colors on the mouse from purples to greys, changed some color and added a lot more to the pumpkin.





And lastly for now, Beltaine:  I have added all kinds of blues to this piece as well as beads and the like.  I’m undecided about the frog.  I kind of like her simple but it’s not in line with the rest of panels to leave her plain.  Will see.





I love working in the organic process.  Picking parts up when they call to me, letting myself be shown where and how to proceed.  I love to put something down after being in almost a trance state and then saying “Ooooh, wow.  I did that?”

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