Reunion part deux

Just some pics from our good times. And this:

I went to my Friday 12 step meeting before the first reunion event. My meeting is called Last Chance. I get in the car to drive to the reunion event which is to be held at Slim’s Last Chance. The CD starts playing “Last Chance for Losers” from one of the local bands. And when I arrive, behind the band is a mural with a huge booze jug with bones crossed behind it and it says Last Chance. If there was any doubt before then that perhaps I didn’t need to quit, well, duh…

Friends Forever


The Four Horsemen ~ Roomies at the Band House Annex and Pool Party Club


Me and several other friends on stage with The Runaway Trains. We backup singers were The Hottentots.  Too much fun.


I had a great time, but I love my life, odd as it is right now, and I wouldn’t go back. Loving the memories.

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