Broken Wings

“His heart was growing full of broken wings and artificial flowers,” wrote poet Federico Garcia Lorca. “In his mouth, just one small word was left.” There were times during the first half of June when I was tempted to borrow those words to describe you, Cancerian. Now, thankfully, you’re moving into a much brighter phase. The buds that are about to bloom in your heart are very much alive, not artificial, and your wings, while not fully restored to strength, are healing. Meanwhile, your mouth is even now being replenished with a fresh supply of many vivid words.

This made me cry. Nothing I could have written could have expressed so succinctly and yet so touchingly exactly how I’ve been feeling.  OMG.  Please Gracious Goddess and Great God, so mote it be.

2 thoughts on “Broken Wings

  1. May those broken wings and artificial flowers be replaced with the Soaring wings of the Eagle – lifting you ever higher – and an abundance of Roses in every color and scent imaginable….

  2. Grace! Well howdy! May that be so for all of us. We all deserve to fly on soaring wings with the height and sight of an Eagle… Which keeps showing up in my life in little ways. Hmmm, I’m thinking new spirit guide.

    Glad you said something, I wonder how you’ve been. Now I’m off to check out your site.


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