Around and Around We Go

If I wasn’t so frikking pleased I’d go into a deep and angry rant about the irresponsibility of casual and scary diagnoses by physicians who aren’t qualified to make said diagnosis.

For the second time this year, my father was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and Multi-farctal (?) Dementia. For the second time that diagnosis has been reversed. OMG!Yay!OMG!Yay!

This was wonderful news to receive. This past week has been just bizarre and scary and thought provoking and and and…

We are overjoyed at the wonderful news that Dad isn’t going to have to face this in addition to the other health challenges he faces. And neither will his family. The change in his attitude is beautiful to behold. Besides the gift of the relief, it’s also given Dad a new focus on enjoying each day because we simply don’t know how many more we have.

Dad and Mom are celebrating their 55th wedding anniversary today. It was beautiful, sweet, and just too darned cute to watch them as they packed their day packs and trundled off for a mountain day hike. Very cute. Still doing one of the things that brought them together so long ago.

Happy Anniversary my beloved parents!

1 thought on “Around and Around We Go

  1. I’m so happy for you.
    Speaking as one whose mother died with Alzheimer’s. I can only rejoice for you and your family. What a bloody relief. And what in hel do these pseudo shamans know anyway?
    Terri in Joburg

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