The Week In Cancer

I believe that when you chatter carelessly about a big change that’s in the works, you’re in danger of draining it of some of its potency. So I don’t want to trumpet or gossip about the gift that’s on its way to you. I’ll just mention that it’s coming, and urge you to prepare a clean, well-lit place for it to land. Here’s a hint: It could, among other things, help you convert one of your vulnerabilities into a strength or inspire you to start transforming an area of ignorance into a future source of brilliance.

Well this could be cool. Lots of places to land, they’re pretty shiny clean, and I’ll go check the lights. Cuz I got a lot of empty spaces…

I was sitting lying in bed this morning thining about a potential job that I have a phone interview for this morning.  This is my second phone interview in a week.  And while I’ve not received any invites for in person interviews, I have to say that there has been more activity in the past month either with jobs to apply for or from interest that I’m actually starting to feel hopeful again.

This interview today may or may not come to much.  It depends.  It’s with one of my head hunter agencies and the guy could just be sussing me out since he doesn’t know me.  BUT.  These positions from the head hunters pay a lot more money than the usual work I do.  Twice as much in most cases.  And I found myself wondering how I would feel with a little monetary success.  And part of me was really excited and part of me was scared.

Ah, well. Future tripping is not typically a good use of time.

So, off to my acupuncture appointment later today then a couple hours work organizing someone’s office.

Gorgeous full moon last night.  Rites tonight.

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