It Went Okay

My first in person interview in, goodness, well, since November?  Jeesh.

It went well.  These are great people. I would love the work, could totally live with it, could totally do it.  Not a lot of stress.  Some after hours stuff, emergency only, it is access security stuff (databases and hardware malfunctions being the overtime bit).  That part rotates and while it could be a bit of a pain, overtime pay now and then would be awesome.

The location is totally easy to get too, I’d keep my seniority which means 5 weeks of paid vacation a year.  Plus 12 days of sick pay and 11 paid holidays.  And the best medical/dental benefits in town really.

15 minutes on the bus, an hour walking.  Half of the time working with people, half on my own.  Minimal supervision. And the same salary as web work.

Sure, I’ll keep my eye out for web work, but of all the jobs I’ve applied for, I could dig this.  A bit out of my field but enough in it (did I mention databases and camera work) that….

At any rate.  My references have been notified, I should know before end of Friday if it’s mine.  The hard part is done, now I wait.  Juju is welcome.

I deserve this. I’ve earned this.  I want this.

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