The Date

Just no sparks.  I had a good time on the date, we went and saw Angels and Demons. The movie was good if it did glorify the Catholic Church and make them all good guys.  We agreed that we had a good time, that we would do it again but neither of us has called the other.  Perhaps he’s waiting.  I know I am.  Tis cool.  I’ve got plenty going on in my not much going on life.


Sparks.  Had a great interview this morning. The job would be a piece of cake, I’ve done this work before for another grad program. The people are nice, she loves my resume (completely nails this job), and we have a lot of folks in common who can give me good references.  So I wait for a second interview, which I’m certain I’ll get.  Next week?  Nothing is moving quickly but it is moving.


Sparks.  Working on the pouch, the embroidery is complete.  Will work on the pouch construction in the next couple days as it’s cooling down here in the Pacific Northwest thank goodness.  The embroidery is gorgeous if I do say so myself. I took photos of the stitches and the process.  Now, photos of the construction process.

General Stuff

Sparks but sparks I could have gone without.  Amazon lost my 13 page book wishlist which really pisses me off.  OMG.  That was a huge bummer.  Accidentally lost my gmail address book too so having to rebuild both when I’m in the mood.

Sparks. Spending my time between home and my previous residence taking care of Miss Sophie the cool kitteh. Every other day I’m at the other one.  It’s nice because the bed is a queen instead of the twin I’m on and it’s a Tempurpedic so it’s sheer heaven.  Hi speed wireless, huge flat screen tv, top of the line bathroom, it’s pretty luxurious.  So tired of carpets, its nice to be on wood floors again too.

Sparks.  Working on a 4 piece element painting group.  4 5×5 panels, one for each element.  Each one will have a word as well as colors and motifs from my book of correspondences (You make your own lists of correspondences don’t you?  You should)  Inspire  Passion Feel Content    Air Fire Water Earth

Sparks.  Working on the design for my next wood burned box.  I’m going to transfer it to the wood tonight.

Summer time and the living is easy…

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