Autumn’s Full Moon

Tonight the moon is full and the coven meets.  The plums are ripe, the squash are doing what they do, filling bushel baskets.  And the last two mornings the marine layer is back.  Even though I think of August and sometimes the first half of September as the hottest weeks of the year, I always know that it has turned to fall this early because suddenly the evenings are cooler and we have morning marine layer.  It cools things down so that one can sleep and makes those very hot days bearable knowing there is relief in only a few hours.  I live for that feeling when everything shifts the first week of August to the time of year I love…

I’m stringing rowan berries on red thread to bless at tonight’s ritual so there are plenty of charms to protect house and home of all coven members.  Surrounded by bounty and harvest colors I’m looking forward to autumn.  With the possibility of new work I feel kind of like I did back when school was coming and my favorite thing was new pencils and paper and lunchboxes.  Magic is afoot.


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