Embroidery Tutorial ~ Bullion Knot

The Bullion Knot

Here you can see bullion knots and french knots. The bullion knots are long sausage shaped knots and the french knots are little dots.


The Stitch

The Bullion Knot seems complicated but it is well worth practicing because the effects it allows you to create are great in number.  Take a look at Sharon B’s Bullion Knot Special Feature.  By the way, I recommend Sharon B’s Stitch Dictionary 150%.  Her photos, instructions, and sheer volume of information can not be beat. She has far more than I ever intend to do here.


Bring your needle up at B, down at A, then up again at B.  Keep your needle in the fabric as shown in the photo.


Wrap your needle with your thread as many times as will fill the distance from A to B.  If you want your bullion knot to raise up in a little curve above your fabric give it a couple extra wraps.


Holding the bullion wraps firmly against the fabric, pull your needle through the wraps.  This is tricky.  If you wrap too tightly you will have a difficult time pulling your needle through, if you wrap too loosely, your knot will most likely be sloppy.  This part takes a bit of patience to get the tension correct.


Here you can see the needle and thread pulled through the wraps.


Keep gently pulling the needle thread through the knot  until it doubles back  and aligns with A.  Insert your needle at A and pull thread through.


I like to bury my threads in the back of my work as often as possible. You can see that I do tie a knot at the beginning (to the left and below the point of the needle in the photo). When I’m done with the color I’m using or have completed my motif, I bring my needle and thread to the back of the work. Doing a shallow running stitch (make sure you don’t pierce the motif and have your knot show in the right side of your work) I work the needle through the ground fabric a couple stitches.


I turn my work and stitch back along those same few stitches so that I sew the thread to itself. This is a very sturdy tie off.


4 thoughts on “Embroidery Tutorial ~ Bullion Knot

  1. Why thank you both!

    Into the Dawn: The pouch can be yours. Is is for sale. 😉 The tassels are done now too, all finishing touches complete. Tassel demo coming this week but I can send you a photo if you’re interested. Or we could barter. I adore that box you made with the greens and golds/coppers with the pentagram and the Greenman face. Something like that could be arranged. 😉

    Mel: Colors can be tough. Believe it not my parents had me tested at the age of three (and later too) and it was determined that I have “a sophisticated sense of color” whatever that means. Perhaps it’s just that I can recognize the difference between rust and pumpkin or that I decided to call rust ‘pumpkin.’ *laugh* That said, I took some art courses at the local community college. Color theory can help a great deal.

    This site even has a download for a color wheel software (Free sample version) and some pretty good stuff on color.

    And thank you so much for the award!! I kind of coveted that one secretly!

    Cheers to you both, as you are inspirations to me too.

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