Rowan Berries and Red Thread

The Charm


You will need:

  • fresh rowan berries 10 more than the number you think you need just in case some burst or tear
  • Red Thread. I use perl cotton. No need to worry about waxing the thread because the juice from berries does a very similar thing.
  • Very Sharp Needle

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Embroidery Tutorial ~ Stem Stitch

Stem Stitch

The combination of the buttonhole stitch and the stem stitch around a motif, in this case with three different colors, allows the motif to raise up a bit and provides more texture and a 3-D effect. One of the things I do the most is to use several rows of stem stitch. I love the way it feels and the shading possibilities. I consider it my signature style.


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Embroidery Tutorial ~ Preparation for Applique

Design and Layout

I recommend doing some sketches of your design before progressing. This will aid you greatly by helping you know what your applique shapes need to be and where they go.  Once you iron your applique pieces down, you can only rarely remove them without damaging them and the ground fabric.  The design doesn’t have to be complete or exact.  I like to leave lots of room for fun.  You can also use colored pencils for your designs although I do not.  I like the colors to guide me as a I work.


(this sketch is not the same used for the actual embroidery, sorry)

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Pouch Tutorial

Click images for larger images…


Collect all the materials you will need to complete your bag.  Shown here is the pouch fabric, drawstring cord, embroidery threads, beads for the drawstring tassels (separate tutorial, coming soon), applique pieces.  Not shown here is the lining and additional applique pieces.


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