Letting Go continued

Last night M and I had a nice evening.  We ate, we talked, we watched Spinal Tap and Pirates of the Caribbean (he had never seen either one).  No moves were made on either part.  I think I’m done here.   The ball is totally in his court at this point.  I still think he wants more (as do I) but I think right now we’re both a little paralyzed.  Doing things different I think we’ve swung the penulum back to the other end completely.  Perhaps one day we’ll find our way to the middle.

1 thought on “Letting Go continued

  1. Indecision does have a way of paralyzing a situation, even if it’s only one-sided, and indecision can have many roots, none of which are guessable in another. Sometimes we just have to let time take charge.

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