Great morning

I woke up this morning and I feel GREAT.  Had a good sleep.  Getting my new tattoo in a few hours.  The parents aren’t home until tomorrow at 3-5, I have the house to myself.  Have an answer re: M. I love getting answers, I can stop running in place and actually move again.  Yes!

Had a good talk with my sponsor, I don’t agree with everything she says but I knew that before I asked her to be my sponsor.  She is a very loving person even if she doesn’t really know or get me.  Reading the book with her as long  as we can will be good and I’m sure life changing.

Did I tell you that I feel really great this morning?  I feel forgiving and loving and amiable and well rested and joyful and excited and well, darned glad to be here.

Without further ado, the new design.  The vines feel very god-like, anter-like to me, earthy, and yet female.  I think I’ve covered it all in a very pleasant way.  I’m so excited…  I admit I found the vines online while searching one day for tattoo designs.  I have a huge folder of images of possibilities.  I have a few more touches before I go in, little tiny things, I might have to compromise a bit on the font, so am going in early to talk to their artist, see what will work… But the swirls are kind of necessary.


2 thoughts on “Great morning

  1. *SQUEE!* This is so beautiful! You must post pics of the real thing — please?! But only after it’s all healed and beautiful, okay?

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