The Big Reveal

I can’t wait until this is all healed and not red to post.  I gotsta do it now.  I now have one on each arm, I feel more balanced…  The first one was for my self-dedication/initiation many years ago, a faery arm band.  This one for 50 years and recognized initiation.

It’s behind the cut for those who don’t want to see it because they all squeamish and stuff…


This is my older tat.  Needs some freshening up.  Jon will be doing that for me after I get a J. O. B. Some folks like it like this, say it looks like a greenman.  I want the points and dots to be more distinct.  This is what happens when someone uses ink with nickel in it when you have a reaction to nickel.  And they tell you that you don’t know what you’re talking about, inks don’t have metals.  So you have them do it again and your arm splits open with sores 1/2″ across and the ink bleeds out. Even though you knew that pigments, if they aren’t metal, contain metal.  Always check although it’s still not the law that ink makers HAVE to list their ingredients.  Luckily the place I went checks.  Red has nickel in it no matter who makes it.  Don’t know why.  But if you have a red tattoo and ever go in an MRI machine the magnets will try to pull the red ink right out of your skin.  Something to think about.


4 thoughts on “The Big Reveal

  1. *SQUEE!* It came out so perfect! And it’s not as scary-red-looking as I thought it would be — just goes to show how little I know about tattooing today. I can’t believe how intricately beautiful it is; incredible. So now I’m really jealous because if I tried this, my arm would swell up all the way to my neck and I’d die — so not worth it, but I still want one!

  2. It’s doing well. I’ve been watching for signs of irritation like the last time. I’m pretty pleased how things are going this time around. It looks better today than yesterday and I love the way the greens look.

    When I move my arm the moon moves around a bit, not always centered depending on the angle of my arm. I had to reconcile myself to that.

    I’m pleased as all get out.

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