Hekate’s Night

I am a dedicated priestess of Hekate. Crows, snakes, dogs, and bulls. Black and torches. Quiet and eerie noise. I find comfort in these things, in the dark. Her torch shines on the golden treasures in the dark.


Tonight is the new moon closest to Samhain. Tonight is the night that we can truly celebrate and commune with Hekate. Leon puts this on every year. We wear black clothes, eat black and white food, fizz black beer into the flaming cauldron, we swing noisemakers and windsingers, the works. It is not only the night to work with Hekate but to let Her know about the suicides that need to be unstuck from their place so that they move on or return for a new life, a new chance.

Tonight I will be asking Her to release my ex-husband, Joel Penson. Leon and I agreed last night that I have been thinking of him so much in the past 2-3 years, very aware that he was dead, because Joel’s spirit discovered that I do Her work. That running into my ex-brother-in-law was no fluke but the way for Joel to let me know the work I must do tonight.

I hope that both of us will find peace.

May She bless him and illuminate his way. May Joel find what he needs and the strength to move forward into something new and wonderful.

So mote it be.

2 thoughts on “Hekate’s Night

  1. I feel Hekate heard your footsteps coming in her direction, upon your path of compassion and understanding, and was only awaiting your petition. For both your sakes, I sense it will be granted.

    So Mote It Be.

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