Wishes Granted

Last night there were a few folks. Some of the students were there from Thursday Outer Grove, some others. But since it was only for folks with grieving to do, especially suicides, and those who wanted to receive the booklet of Hekate devotionals, there weren’t as many as last year.

After the circle and once your personal devotions have been completed, each person passes into the house for the dumb supper. No talking allowed in the house. Which I find quite nice actually. A heavy ritual like that leaves me wanting silence. Since I was the one female dedicated to Hekate I had the honor of being High Priestess for the evening with my High Priest from the coven. I can’t tell you how I love this man.

I had forgotten my offering to Hekate so I ran the fingers of both hands through the flames as my offering. She pointed to the beer behind me that someone had brought for others to use. So flying, foaming, cascading beer She did get. And I wonder if my sober friends will smell it on my coat, which really shouldn’t be washed.

I knew that it worked when I broke out into a huge grin on my walk to the car. And when I awoke this morning the same thing. Huge grin.

I got in the car and changed the music. For me, Samhain has begun.

2 thoughts on “Wishes Granted

  1. I’m so happy for you! And for Joel, too. So many think Hekate is too dark to work with, but how wrong they are! Dark does not equate to evil, and as anyone who has sat outside on a moonless night and listened to the sounds of nature knows, the dark has a beauty all its own.

    The sound of silence means serenity to me, but most people can’t stand it — they’ve been conditioned to a constant bombardment of noise. If they can’t hear the sound of their own voice, then they turn to some electronic substitute. Silence really is golden.

  2. It’s so interesting. I’ve been left with the distinct feeling that Joel is really gone. It’s like there’s this space in me that was being taken up with the noise of his need. And much of it manifested in the Steve Marriott crush. While I still think he rocks, I’ve kind of moved on from the whole thing. How liberating.

    I love silence myself. No need for talking, music, the like. Sunday mornings are my favorite time right now. The folks go to church and I get 4 blessed hours of no noise but the sounds me and Miss Mitty make as we putter around the house.

    As for Hekate and dark, she is a very loving goddess. She is dark but so many seem to forget that she is the Light Bearer. She illuminates the dark. How cool could that possibly be.

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