The Week In Cancer

Pregnant women sometimes have unusual cravings. From the fourth to sixth month of her daughter’s gestation period, for example, my friend Marta was on occasion beset by the longing to eat toothpaste. I’ve known other women who fantasized about nibbling on mud, coffee grounds, and chalk. Fortunately, they all resisted the urge, which is what health practitioners recommend. Instead they tried to figure out if their bodies were trying to tell them about some legitimate deficiency of vitamins or minerals. I offer this to you as a metaphor to keep in mind. As your own special creation ripens, you may experience odd desires. Don’t necessarily take them at face value.


Well darn, I was hoping to eat chalk.  Or have sex.  I dunno.  Guess I don’t get to give in to the urge…

1 thought on “The Week In Cancer

  1. I vote for the sex, against the chalk. I don’t know how you’d get that taste out of your mouth! lol!

    I have a friend who told me once that it is not unheard of for women to develop addictions to what was it..baking soda mixed with water while pregnant – drinking it straight out of the box with a straw, due to this same odd craving. I can’t even bloody imagine. =X

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