The other day I deleted a post I wrote about a job here at the university’s museum. HR declined to forward what I thought was an amazing resume and cover letter. I was sad. I really need more hours and a higher salary. And then I remembered that I had to work for the specific college that the museum is in. Which I do. But I also work for another completely unrelated department. And that department keeps overriding all my other appointments. It’s made a total hash of my paydays and it occurred to me that perhaps the reviewer in HR thought I didn’t work for the right department and didn’t even look at my resume. I called her. That is exactly what happened. So she reviewed my application materials and sent it on.

The good thing about this is that there will be a very small applicant pool. No one from outside the one school in the university can apply. There won’t be hundreds. Maybe a dozen or so. This is very good. Automatically puts one on the short list.

This? Is magic. Without the medication mediTAtion that gave me that lightbulb realization, I never would have called them. I was so sad and puzzled and hurt at first. I wondered what the universe was trying to tell me. Was I supposed to stay in a job that is okay but I can’t live on and that is ultimately just crazy making? Was I to wait for a better tech job? (that might still be case only time will answer that question)

The lesson today is that one must not give up. One must try to clear one’s mind and see further than one’s own disappointment for possibilities outside of one’s usual borders. I can’t see the whole picture if I shut down.

Blessed Be.

3 thoughts on “Gumption

  1. We’ll see how fast it is. After this year of being invisible to employers and getting my hopes up and then denied, I’m just going to take this one day at a time and see what happens. My tendency is to count my chickens but I really don’t want to count until they hatch and make it through the night.

    I keep looking at your lovely craft events and tea parties and find myself longing to go but until I get some work that actually pays more than I shell out, I have to stick close to home. Maybe as the spring thaws I’ll wend my way south. I think of you often.

    Happy Holidays my dear.

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