Cancer This Week

Which metropolitan areas in America have the most brainpower? Not the best sports teams or the richest businessmen or the most powerful politicians, but the smartest people? “The Daily Beast” did a study and declared that the top two were the Raleigh-Durham area in North Carolina and the San Francisco Bay Area. Now it so happens that those are the two places where I’ve spent much of my adult life. It doesn’t mean I’m brilliant, but it does suggest I have an instinct for knowing where the brilliant people congregate. And I’m quite sure that they have been a very good influence on me. My recommendation to you in 2010, Cancerian, is to cultivate this knack. Gravitate toward genius. Surround yourself with deep thinkers and innovative dreamers. Hang out in the vicinity of brainstorms.

This describes my old gang of peeps to a T.  Brilliant and innovative dreamers and thinkers, they are muscians, performance artists, wackadoos, all living a life on a very interesting fringe, even the ones who have jobs and bought houses still live on the fringe in certain ways.  And I feel all inspired hanging out with these artistes.

I’m having dinner with a woman that I’ve reconnected with lately.  We went to high school together and got along like a house on fire.  She is sober too so I’m looking forward to nurturing this new found friendship.  Next Thursday hopefully several of us women will get together for dinner.

Mercury is retrograde so communications aren’t going well and work is glitchy, hard to be happy here with the crazy, both figuratively and literally, but I’m still grateful to have a job.  I hope Mercury doesn’t mess up proposed plans too much, still haven’t gotten together with potential chicken man but perhaps he’s had second thoughts.  I think the timing is just having a bit of a difficulty but we’ll see.

Still having fun with the reunion aftermath.

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