Project update

Lewis’ vampire tarot bag.  This is extra big so that the small book fits in it too.  The deepest blue velveteen, with a wool moon and a black silk velvet bat.  Square blue/purple crystals with blue goldstone.

More piccies!

The beginnings of the Roumanian blouse project.  At one point I will make a complete post of the entire process.  This is the scrim basted onto the linen and the cross stitch begun with #8 perl cotton.  Using a blunt needle to lessen the risk of snagging the scrim and therefore having difficulty removing it when the stitching is finished.

Wool hat:  I seem to have completely lost the finished hat photos.  If I downloaded them from my camera I have not been able to find them.  Given to the person who commissioned them which were a gift to a friend of hers so too late.

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