Project Update Deux

Little Amulet Bags

I made these for my coven mates. Each one is designed for them in their style.   These are folded into thirds and contain a pouch inside the same size as the folded pouch.  Can be used for amulets or a jewelry keeper or whatever one fancies.  We drew names and gave one large gift to one person and then, as desired/able, small gifties to the others. I made the blue moon face with fimo and the pentacle with silver wire.  Little buttons, charms, beads, etc.

5 thoughts on “Project Update Deux

  1. They are faerie fabulous! My faeries say they want the dark green one in the top pic and they are on their way over to steal it, so you better put in under lock and key (and add a couple wards, too!). They’re sneaky little snots, they are!

  2. Of course they did. That is for my fae sister. She still has not received it so they better not. If they steal it after I gift it, that is no longer my problem as what is one to do with faeries. But I’d like to give it first.

  3. Well, I refused to drive them, so they’re having to walk, but I wouldn’t put it past them to try hitch hiking; better gift it fast! Mwah!

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