I know I know. I’m in one of those phases where I’ve got all these ideas and am starting a ton of projects.  But I can’t help myself.  I’ve fallen in love with Kim Diehl’s lovely quilt designs.  She uses a lot of applique, my favorite thing ever.  I just couldn’t help myself, I’ve started another new project.  A table top quilt.  It has all my favorite elements; vines, yo-yos, rabbits, quilts, applique.

These are photos from the book, bad, horrible even, but you get the idea.

This second photo, while not great quality, really shows what it is about the quilt I love so much.  Its textures.  I can just feel it under my fingers.  I’ll be touching this thing all the time, drooling, going oooooh.

Since I have to do this in stages due to budgetary concerns, I’ve started with the yoyos.   All 130 of them.  I’m using more spring colors, purples, pinks, yellows, greens, with a bit of black.  How To Make Yo-Yo’s

4 thoughts on “Quilting

  1. That is just, wow! And it looks like an insane amount of work. I’ve always wanted to do things like this but I’ll admit it, I’m more than a little intimidated. So you go! I wish you the best of luck.

  2. Just lovely! I like your choice of colors and hope you’ll share all the stages, too. I love to see works in progress!

  3. Heh. Not as insane as it could be. It’s a table top quilt so it’s really small, less than 2′ x 3′ and with the exception of the yoyos it’s machine sewn and quilted. I did all those yoyos watching three episodes of Xena. They go VERY fast and have a big impact. If it was for a bed that would be another matter entirely. Those are just amazing. Maybe 5 nights to finish the yoyos, an afternoon to cut out the rabbits and tulips and leaves, an evening to sew the background. A couple afternoons to apply the applique, and then an afternoon to quilt. It will take me months but only because I won’t be working on it every day. It will, in actual hours, not be that bad.

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