Rabbit Quilt Fabrics

I finally have all the fabrics together.  Joann’s had a 40% off sale on quilting fabrics and I found what I think are not only fabrics that go well together but that also compliment what they represent in the quilt “story” itself.

This is such a lovely little garden.  Rabbits cavorting amongst the vines and flowers.  The garden in the center all laid out. The original inspiration had more autumn colors.  This is all about spring for me.  I chose a more pastel palette with a few darker prints for contrast.  A reminder of the quilt inspiration photo:

  • For the white area I have three shades of cream all with little vines and flowers printed on them.
  • For the green area, I have a lovely cream and green print with little vines and flowers printed.
  • For the leaves and vines I have three shades of green all with vines and leaves printed on them.
  • The flower yoyo’s are either flower prints or gingham.

Vines and leaves on top row, backgrounds in the center row plus the bunny fabric which has little swirls all over it, flowers on the bottom row.

Clicky make biggie. . .

Some of you might ask how I chose the fabrics.  I must admit that I have always been comfortable finding the fabrics and embellishments to be the best part of most projects for me. But I stood in front of those hundreds of bolts of quilt fabric and was completely overwhelmed.  I wander up and back looking and looking pulling this out and this out and putting them back.  OMG.  I finally saw these adorable little bundles, five fat quarters all tied up with a ribbon. Each one perfectly matched.  There was one set with the Asian inspired florals that are “gilded” and one with the floral/gingham pastels.  The two little bundles complimented each other so well I thought.  (Those two bundles, a total of 10 fabrics, are the bottom row in the photo above)  So I bought those with my coupons and started making my yoyo’s.  Once I had that palette it was easy to go back a week later to choose the other fabrics, the top and center row fabrics.

The conclusion I arrived at is that you must, somehow, arrive at 2-3 main fabrics that you can not live without and that compliment each other well. The fabrics that caught my eye in the two bundles were the ginghams (remind me of my father’s mom) and the 2nd and 4th fabrics from the left bottom row.  Once you have your foundation it becomes an easier, and fun, process of selecting the other fabrics.  But until you get that foundation set, it’s a task that overwhelmed me, Queen, or at least Princess, of Never Ending and Overwhelming Projects.  Your mileage may vary.

I plan on doing the quilting by hand. I much prefer hand work to machine work both in appearance, and just as importantly for me, for it’s meditative qualities and the potential for magic.  I love hand work. I live for hand work.  I take it with me to meetings so a lot of my work is done in recovery meetings or in quiet time at home. I believe that gives it all a very lovely healing loving energy.  As Sarah of Forest Grove suggested, this is a work that will be done in its own time.  And it will be an heirloom that will pass to my brother’s children one day.  For some reason it makes me happy to have family to pass my treasures to.

The quilting will be done by hand using perl cotton in a variety of shades depending on the area of the quilt. Pale greens, pinks, lavenders, periwinkles.

The circles in two sizes ready to be made into yoyo’s.  I will post a yoyo tutorial sometime this week.  They are so easy and are a fading craft. You can do all kinds of things with them too.  Stay tuned…

5 thoughts on “Rabbit Quilt Fabrics

  1. “clickie make biggie” LMAO!!!! I was totally gone in a fit of giggles for a couple minutes after reading that!

    ooOOOooo and *droool* such yummy rich fabrics! As the daughter of a seamstress who is the daughter of a quilter and seamstress, who was the daughter of a seamstress I could totally roll in all that colourful cotton in ecstasy like a pig in mud!! I admit to getting off on touching natural fibres, rubbing it between my fingers… Quilting is sexy and magical! I’m sure there will be lots of love and healing put into this quilt 😉

  2. I am so looking forward to the gradual updates on this project. Your color sense is spot on, and your hand stitching has always been impressive (at least as long as I’ve known you)

  3. You must have the patience of a saint to attempt this and I can’t wait to see the finished quilt. Oh, “can’t wait” shows again how impatient I am. Maybe something like this would calm me down or completely send me over the edge ;-).

    • I don’t know. It will be a long project but I find the work so very restful. When I don’t give myself a deadline it can take awhile but I only work on things like this when I really want to.

      For instance I’m completely stalled on the wheel of the year project. I can’t decide if i want to go for one more round on embroidery on each panel or make it up and be done with it. I wait for it to tell me what I need to do next.

      I find this work very calming as long as I get rid of time and expectations.

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