I’m just a little freaked out. Okay, intrigued.  Curious. Puzzled.  Don’t know what to think.  But I think my blog has been discovered in some way.  I hope it’s happy readers.  When I moved to this new URL my readership dropped from about 150 (my highest day ever was 157) to about 30 on a top day.  Most days I have about 5 views.  Since I don’t have the time to read all the blogs I love and comment rarely, I didn’t get many new readers.

Overnight my stat count went from 10 to 240!  How incredibly unusual.  Typically I would expect, if anything at all, a slow increase.  But this is a leap and then some.

Holy Mackerel. What is that all about?

8 thoughts on “Stats

  1. I sometimes wonder too on my other blogs (none witchy). By no means do I get anything close to your numbers, but there are days with no views and the next day quite a few. What is the pattern? Not necessarily a weekend either where you might get more people to view the blog. We will never know :-).

  2. I have numbers? Awesome. It will be interesting to see if anyone sticks around. If they never comment, we’ll never know. 😉

  3. WordPress provides Stats, if you really want to know; check your Dashboard.

    This happened to me a few weeks back. Suddenly I had over 800 hits on my “Message D’amour Des Dauphins” post, which will be 2 years the end of next month and still gets about 50 hits a month. It’s a post regarding an optical illusion: Is it in flagrante delicto or a bunch of dolphins? Apparently, posts about sex never lack for readers!

    • I did check my dashboard which is how I got the numbers. But they only had one link from wordpress and the rest from the usual suspects. No referrers that made any sense of a sudden 250 visits.

  4. If you search WordPress using quilt I don’t show up for pages, if that, I gave up. If you search WordPress for Rabbit Quilt, I am the #1. But it boggles the mind that 255 people would search for Rabbit quilt on the same day!

  5. AND, only 14 viewed the Rabbit Quilt post. Almost all the visits are to the home page. 259 and growing.

    Welcome newcomers!

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