Breathe Again Part 3

Doc agrees, time to start a blood pressure med.  Since neither of our machines can be trusted I’m to go to Bartell’s or RiteAid once a week and take my blood pressure and send her the results in a month. Another mild diuretic to add to the two I’m already taking.  Water Water everywhere and the bathroom is my new best friend.  *sigh*

Pap normal.  Thank the Goddess.

Celia results still pending.

Iron deficiency due to a period every 3 weeks.  But now it’s been 4 weeks and no tenderness, no cramping, no crazy, oh please make this dry spell last a long time.  So another blood test at my convenience to test iron specifically.  Supposed to eat bananas, which I seriously, truly detest, so going to try taking potassium supplements.

6 thoughts on “Breathe Again Part 3

  1. I also LOATH bananas! This is a recipe for potassium broth*, which I have made when feeling like I need it. My diuretic is “potassium sparing” so I don’t often feel the need, but sometimes get leg cramping and some broth usually puts me right. The other thing I have done is keep some “NuSalt” in the cupboard – potassium chloride instead of sodium chloride.

    The thing you need to be careful of is that supplements, including NuSalt, it is easy to get too much and be out of balance the other way – not good. The clear broth is just food – doesn’t taste delicious, but not too bad.

    * opens as a PDF so takes a bit of time ( at least on my computer)

    Click to access kbroth.pdf

  2. Looks easy enough. But it’s practically pure carbs. I do best keeping that low, under 60g of veggie/nut/rice carbs per day right now. Perhaps more this summer. I’m trying to cut out potatoes completely as well as wheat and non-whole grains.

    Challenged? Jeezh….

    The recipe gives me a starting off point though. I found the part about all the mgs of potassium through diet to good advice.

    • I’m not sure how much carb there actually is in the broth… The instructions are to simmer the veggies/roots in the water, and then strain them out and discard them (compost… I give them to my hens) You end up with a kind of dishwater-looking almost clear liquid, that is hopefully full of helpful minerals. And you only use the potato peelings in the broth, the insides of the potato dont even make it into the initial simmering. I just put stuff in my slowcooker and let it simmer all day, then strained everything out and put the broth in the fridge.

      If this is helpful, I’ll be happy, if it doesn’t seem like a good idea, I’ll still be happy… I just wish I could do more to help. Sending healing thoughts you way at least 🙂

  3. I also detest bananas. I get around the need for potassium by drinking yogurt shakes: 1 c. frozen mixed berries, add milk or juice (3/4 c approx), 1 c plain or vanilla yogurt. Blend until smooth. Although if you’re doing low carb, you’ll have to wait until there is more room for that in your diet.

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