Bloody Machines

Because I live with my parents, it might not be a surprise that we have a blood pressure machine.  In fact, we have 4 blood pressure machines.  My dad looses something, can’t find it, goes and buys another one.  I know. We live in a world of kinda crazy half the time.  He must have 10 pairs of reading glasses and we found 6 flashlights. It’s why we cut him off, some of his excesses were much more costly than $15 or $50.  The details of aging, of hypochondria, fear, health paranoia runs rampant in this household.

I got a blood pressure reading 30 minutes ago that was 180/111 using one of their machines.  Which is a danger sign, serious danger sign.  Call your doctor or 911 now!!  So I did.  In tears.  I can’t take this, what am I to do. And then it occurs to me.  Try another machine.  Even though they said to wait 30 minutes after relaxing and take it again, I took it right away. It would tell me if it was the machine.


It’s the machine.

MUCH better.  High, we might have to do something, but not immediately life threatening.  Jeeeeeeezuz.  The other machine has been giving me faulty readings and for four days I was flabbergasted that my system was in such bad shape.  Since high blood pressure is a silent killer, there are no symptoms, I was pretty worried.  I almost didn’t go to work this morning I was so upset.  The only way to know if you have high blood pressure is to put on the cuff and get a reading.

Thank you Lady for the frustration and the freakout with gave the lightbulb moment and the insight to try another machine.  I’ve suggested to my mom that we dispose of the other one.  That is the Scare-O-Meter.

Going to take a long hot bath now that I know it won’t kill me dead.

2 thoughts on “Bloody Machines

  1. Glad to hear it was just the machine! I’ve been keeping an eye on my blood pressure for the past year or so… thankfully, I’ve been watching it go down. But it was scary to discover it was high during my last physical, I had no idea. Silent, indeed.

  2. Aww honey, that machine needs to go! What a (small) relief to find out that the situation is not quite so dire… do keep checking, (((hugs))) I found out surprisingly that I have high blood pressure, developed in the last few years, before that I always had low blood pressure, and if I hadn’t gone to the free clinic, since I have no insurance or regular doctor, I’d have never known… no symptoms is right. I take a diuretic now, which keeps it at a “healthy” level. (keep hoping I’ll take some weight off, which might help me, but it’s difficult)

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