Practicing the drawing

I have come so far and yet have so far to go…  But my Book of Shadows is a labor of love and I don’t have to worry about anyone liking my illustrations but me.  And I do.  I’ve always loved to draw, am okay at it, it’s fun.  It makes me feel good.  I always thought I wanted to do this, illustrate a Book of Shadows but the test is the doing when you get the chance. Yay! Doing it.

Clicky make biggie

2 thoughts on “Practicing the drawing

  1. We clickied to makie biggie and then we droolied and lovied!

    What beautiful works of love and devotion — so much detail and incredible color! But a modesty patch? Pan would beat you over the head with that flute until you fell down senseless — and then have his way with you! Horny Gods of licentiousness, overindulgence and revelry DO NOT use modesty patches lol!


    • Well if he’s going to have his way with I guess it should be bigger and darker. I could use a good panning right now. 😉

      I was more concerned about wordpress and their stupid censor thingie.

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