Good News

Finally all the tests are in.  Not Celiac Disease, not iron deficient. We’re going with Dyspepsia (dyspepsia is a medical condition characterized by chronic or recurrent pain in the upper abdomen, upper abdominal fullness and feeling full earlier than expected when eating. It can be accompanied by bloating, belching, nausea or heartburn).  The Sooper Strength antacids seem to be helping things and I’m going back to eating as few grain based foods as Ican for now, especially ones that contain yeast as that factor really takes things over the top.   My insurance changed so it cost me far more than I expected but it’s still a long shot less than I would have had to pay and I’ve made my deductible already.  *sigh*

Now I have to find a way to pay for Miss Mitty’s teeth cleaning next week. She has terrible plaque, hoping that they don’t have to pull any or many teeth.  They said I should do it this year, last year, but I think I should have done it back then.  She’s lost a pound this year and she was never a large cat (she weighs 6.8 pounds right now, they would like to see 9 or 10) and HER blood lab tests came back with normal for kidney and thyroid so the vet is hoping it is her teeth and that this will help her eat more and put on weight.  But it’s high normal on the kidneys so I have to pay for special hydration during the cleaning.  Yay! *sigh*

He won’t listen that I know she’s lost a pound because she and I used to live together alone in a little “cottage” in the woods where we both were really happy. It was her safe haven after being rescued from whatever hell it was and mine too.  For over a year now, we’ve been in other people’s homes and neither of us is comfortable. She spends a lot of time under my bed and only comes out in the afternoon when I return (and on weekends too, even though I’m home in the morning).  She eats when I’m right there  guarding her and not much other times.  And then she will go back under the bed, let out an awful yowl and then nothing until I go to bed and she hops up by my pillow.  A good night is when she stays out and hangs with me as I sew or read.

I’ve got a slew of resumes out for some very good jobs at the UW, none of which have anything to do with reading a professors emails all day and managing their calendars.  It’s herding cats, what job isn’t, but it’s a different kind of cat.  I’m also certain that working in a psych clinic that deals with very extreme cases is accumlating energy so working on somethings that will help keep at least my office clear.  Mercury and Lakshmi have their places here so that helps.  Mitty and I both need me to get more hours and more pay so that I can save for moving into a place of our own and retirement because that’s all gone.

Working the juju for protection and good fortune in work.  I’m doing better at work, I’ve decided that anything the boss gives me that I can work on I will and I won’t listen to her unkind comments about me as a person.  That’s working and I can stand this because somehow I’ve found detachment.

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