It’s just a little word.   It has “pep” in it and for some reason it struck me as something that I didn’t have to take too seriously.  That it  might not be that big a deal.  Certainly nothing like Celiac Disease.  Gawd. Nothing Peppy about it.

I was kinda wrong.  At least once a week my system is completely off kilter.  I feel like hurling in all directions etc, envision Train Station in Dijon (last half of post).  I called in sick Monday and here I am, at work, on Friday, worse than ever.

….. Breaking News: This just in, co-worker sick with tummy something or other.  Hmmm, maybe this is sick not dyspepsia.

It’s been quite a week.  Miss Mitty went to the dentist on Wednesday and was quite messed up by the time she got home. Which was 8:45pm because they saw her late.   She kept trying to get her land legs all night long. She wouldn’t rest until she could walk without hitting a wall, turn a circle without her back legs collapsing, jump on and off the bed with the grace of a youngster.  Which meant until at least 2am, when I was finally able to sleep through it all, she was up and down, bump, oof, up and down, oof, circle, bump, off, bump, on, circle oof, omg.

She was much better yesterday but every once in awhile she misjudged a step or two.

Me? I feel like I’ve walked into a wall or two but the one required meeting I’m supposed to be at today doesn’t start until 3:30.  Yes, a boss who is so perverse that she schedules the one weekly required core staff meeting on Fridays from 3:30 – 5:30.  What kind of nasty is that any way.  I’m seriously considering begging to go home, all day Fridays are always required, and then come back for the meeting to take minutes.  gah.

Looking for bleah cat photos and found this one.  At least it made me laugh.

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