Little Projects

In the off times when I’m not schlepping furniture, sorting boxes, cringing at toxic chemicals, ranting over the mess that was going away, posting things for sale on Craig’s List (Thank Goddess for Craigs’ List), I’m trying to work on little projects that give me pleasure.  Things that I can do from my armchair, things that don’t need too much space, things that don’t need too much thought.

I realized as I was uploading the photos from my new camera (woohoo!), a Nikon Coolpix, that all the backgrounds on my photos are either the quilt on my bed or the rug in front of it.  I have no place for a light box or to stage stuff.  10′ x 10′ is just not much space to live and work in.  I am so very grateful to my mother for seeing this as an opportunity to treat the basement rooms as an apartment.  It’s certainly large enough for one.  One could easily add a small stove, fridge, and sink and rent it out but for now, no kitchenette.  I can hardly wait.  It looks like I’ll be here at least 2 more years, possibly three.  Since the fire made us do so much work and since my bro was coming to help and since it is completely throwing my father into all kinds of confusion, it seemed like the best time to just do it all.

Teaser photo

I’m throwing all the little projects at you all at once.  Sorry bout that.  It’s all I have time for.  xoxo

Little Preemie Hats

Crocheted with acrylic yarn.  Wool is verbotten.  I don’t really like working with acrylics but it’s amazing how many rules there are around anything made for preemies.   They are to be a size that fits a large lemon.  No large lacey holes for the teeniest fingers to catch on, no thin yarn to cut the circulation of teeny fingers.  After I bought these three skeins I found out they prefer to use white since so many are jaundiced and so many die.  They look better in photos with white.  Man.  That’s something to think upon.

I’m doing this as project for a meetup group I joined, Seattle Sit N Knit.  It was started by my friend Leslie, someone I knew in high school, lost touch with, found on Facebook and realized she is one of the people I want to have in my life. Breath of Fresh Air Leslie.

Spiral Coasters

I got a book from the library, 200 Crochet Tips, Techniques, and Trade Secrets by Jan Eaton.  It’s going on the amazon wish list.  One of the patterns I liked the best was the spiral discs.  Awesome magical goodness with those.  I’m practicing by making a set of coasters for my sister in law for her birthday.  I have one more to get down, the two different colored yarns spiral.  She’ll get six.  I plan on making some of these for some witchy Yule gifts too.

Wood Paten

Of course I had to blur the symbols out which ruins the beauty of the piece…  Wood burned then colored pencils.  This is a work in progress as well.  I have to finish the teal border and then wax it.


Can you believe it?  I discovered today that while I have far too many categories, I don’t have one for HOME.  This Cancer native was a bit surprised by that.  I?  Am all about HOME.  My entire life revolves around my home.  Thank goodness you understand.  My home is not just where I come at the end of a work day to eat dinner and sleep.  Home is my sanctuary, it is where I am most protected, most centered. At home it is easiest to make my daily routine sacred.  It is why this past year as been especially hard on me.  All the other drama aside, not having a home of my own, living in basically a hotel room with parents, I’ve just not been myself.  Neither has Miss Mitty.  She is really perking up since having that cracked tooth removed that I wonder how long it was causing her pain I knew nothing about.  She really wants a window and I can hardly wait for her to see her new digs.  She has taken to letting me hold her for the first time ever since when I do it I take her to a window.  She looks out with great interest.

The New Layout

6 thoughts on “Little Projects

  1. the layout of you new place looks awsome.. yay!!

    and i really like the wooden pentacle.. so pretty.. *is also curious about the symbols*..*beams*

    and i so do not have the patients for crochet

    yay for creative urges.. woot.

    *skips about*

    • you are so cute!

      Look at the center of the room layout, can you see a faint circle with a word in the center? That will be the circle space. 😉 Woot! Enough free space, just enough, for circle work and practice.

      Ignoring beaming curiosity *whistleandlookofftotheside*

  2. ohh.. i can see the circle.. how cool, nice to have a space to do circle work.. *nods*..

    so are you going to paint a circle on the floor or maybe make one our of cloth with symvols on it ? *ponders this*.. maybe our of calico with directional symcols on it, goddess and god in the middle, huge pentagram.. gosh.. you know i might have to make one of those.. kinda like a picnic blanket but round and for magic.. i wonder how big it would have to be for personal work.. maybe the with of the circle the same hight as the person using it..ohh.. the possibilites… *skips about*


    • That would be so cool! No painting the floor as this is my parents house and we will be selling it in the next five years and there will be new carpet so I wouldn’t be able to take down the circle when I leave. Darn. I’ve always wanted to do something like that, it would be awesome.

      The ideas of canvas or the like definitely have possibilities but on carpet might now work well but would be fabulous for a wood, tile, or concrete floor. I think for now I’ll still to painting the pentagram on the altar table.

    • hmmm I get by with about 4-5 feet across in my tiny room. No more room as outside that I bump into furniture and walls and my altar table is only about 24″ across. But if the circle was that size and there weren’t immovable objects right at the boundary, that size might work for you, but 6 feet/2 meters would be better I would think.

      If you do that you must post photos! Gorgeous!

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