The Honey Years part deux

Wow, the abundance is flowing. Sold the fox fur hat today out of the blue to someone who just happened upon my Stitch Witch Cottage website and wrote to see if I had anything for sale. I thought for sure the price would scare her off but she paid within the hour.  I’m going to miss that hat but I never wear it and she latched on to the part about honoring the fox who gave it’s life for the collar I got at the thrift store so I know it’s going to the right place.

Got a huge bonus at work for doubling my expected launches for February (we all got bonuses for kicking some serious butt at work last month). I launched 7 websites from start to finish in 3 weeks. They asked for 4.  I was told today that I will never lose my job there, that I would have to kill someone to be fired.  I need to get 12 in March and from there on out it’s 15.  They cut me slack for being new.  15 is doable if they have the clients for me.

I want to personally thank you for the great job you did this month. I am really impressed with how quickly you have come up to speed and the contributions you are making to the company. You always have a positive attitude and a smile on your face, and I really appreciate that. Keep up the great work.

I received that in my inbox yesterday from our Chief Operations Officer. A far cry from being fired and told I have a bad attitude, am incompetent, and lied on resume, huh? It wasn’t me but I did learn a lot about myself this past year, I have renewed my joyous self, I love what I do and who I do it for so that all helps. When your boss is crazy AND mean it’s hard to bring the smiles to the job.

My mom keeps saying nice things to me and every morning there is bacon or sausage to take with me on my walk to the bus to compliment my yogurt smoothies. My mom shows love with food and hey, I’m loving the bacon. I’m paying them back now and that helps a lot.

Mr. Furnace wants me to stop spending money. He’s right. But man, it just feels so good to finally have it again and have some freedom. He’s an ant, I’m a grasshopper.  I still have some work to do on my personal growth so no worries, I’ll be around working on stuff for some time to come.

Inexpensive Gift Idea

Looking for the perfect gift without spending too much money?  I must recommend the tool I use EVERY day.  My Wickman. This thing is the best.  The scoopy end is perfect for freeing wicks that have become trapped in wax or making the melted well larger.  The pointy scrapey end I use to bend the wick into the melted wax to put out the wick with no smoke or stinky smell.  I use it to pry that last bit of votive candle out of a little jar, either the last of the wax or the stuck metal wick holder.  It is also perfect for writing on your candles and other handy tasks, both magical and mundane. This is THE best “white handled knife” you will ever own.  *winkwink*  This thing is really strong and sturdy too, very well made.

I’m just a satisfied customer. Click on the image to go their webpage…

Reflections and Harvest Blessings

Wow, Mabon fast approacheth. This is my favorite time of year. It’s probably because of the school year but September always feels more like new year to me. It is a time of new beginnings, new friends, new pencils. I find myself reflecting. What is my harvest this year. What do I want to release? How have things changed from this time last year? Where am I going? *ow* My nose? Who put that wall there??! Why is it so dark??! MOMMY!

Okay, not really but sort of you know?

Last year at this time, in fact THIS WEEK, I was driving to the river to fill my pockets full of rocks. I had had enough. I simply couldn’t bear the pain of life one more moment. If you recall, I got lost on the way and the rest, well, you can read about it here. This year things have shifted. Thank God/dess. Thank you Mary.

When I started up my business, Harvest Blessings, one of the things I said a lot was “Harvest? Is a VERB.”  Pause while they catch up…

Last year I thought I had nothing left. Yes, I had family. I had my blog. I had my dear and darling Miss Mitty. I still had my car (and still do miracle of miracles). But my heart was shredded, broken, trounced upon, bleeding, and bereft of hope. I hadn’t had work in 18 months, had lost my home, had lost love and friends, my ex-husband had suicided, and well, can you spell RAW? I knew you could.

This year I still am looking for work. Oh my god. How long is this going to go on? BUT. I have love, I have hope, I have a spiritual path that is feeding me again if not in the ways I thought it might, I have the family and the mitty and you. What I really have is a new pair of glasses. I’m seeing things differently than I did last year. My worth is no longer about being able to support myself financially or defined by “what do you do?”

I am loving autumn so far and looking forward to winter and the return of the light. It is a time of reflection and inventory, taking stock.

So what IS my harvest this year? Continue reading

Sunday Progress

We are almost done with the last yard sale. This is our third. We have a mostly empty garage and hopefully some of that furniture will be gone soon. I’ve been working on my projects as I help customers. A little bit of this, a little bit of that, my apartment is a mess but that’s okay, not for long. I’ve started doing the work to make the kitchen queen useable. The top hasn’t been so bad but the area with the drawers is full of mold, 3-d mold. Facemasks, gloves, sun, and chemicals…  Fun but I think it will work out.

Mr. Furnace and I are doing well.  He says he’s finished decompressing and is now reinflating. I miss him in person, we haven’t seen each other since I picked up from the airport, but it’s funny, I’m okay. I feel connected and the energy is very good.

I picked up this darling little chest of drawers from my neighbor who was also selling things. I will pay them the money when I get a job, it’s all good, they know where to find me. Since I had sorted my Halloween stuff for the yard sale, I have started doing a little decorating early.

I’ve been working on The Rigid Container when I can. Started coloring in the sides that have been burned already and working on the lid design. All but one panel are finished and I really like it. It goes well with the themes on the side don’t you or think?  Still figuring out the plants/environs for the snake and perhaps a little more on the stag panel. It will tell me during the transfer to wood period.

Day One Over, Day Two To Go

The last yard sale of the year is in progress. We sold $50 worth of 25 cent stuff.  Gave some of it away. The furniture remains. But nothing but the furniture and the vintage White sewing machine will remain after this time tomorrow because the rest will go to the thrift store or the free pile on the corner.

My feet hurt and I think I’m clenching my jaw but it’s almost over. The 6 month battle of the garage. Today my mother finally, FINALLY, after all these years and the last intense months, sat for two hours and sorted one of her boxes of papers. She was disgusted after two hours. Welcome to my world ma.

One thing I do love is the people.

  • The 7 year old twee twins who went home with my faery hair pieces, their father utterly disgusted that I gave them away, he would not have spent the 75 cents… The girls were extremely excited.
  • The new neighbors from Thailand.
  • The student who bought the German/Finnish dictionary
  • My buddy Scott who bought the postcards from the British West Indies where my grandmother was born that are 100 years old and yet brand new. And the postcards that are also brand new from World War I military exercises.
  • The dogs, oh yes, the dog love rocked.
  • The weather. Perfect Septmber weather, 65 and sunny.  YES!
  • Three pings from D, THREE. Every time I went online to check something out, there he was.  Great time chatting.  He’s taking me to see Vampire Weekend on the 23rd. Oh Boy oh boy.  With the mutual friend I found who helped me find the friend who died. That will be a blast.

Abundance happens. Just not in the way I pray it will. My prayers can be so small sometimes.

And the mutual friend mentioned above? Does some awesome goddessy music stuff. Here you go, my favorite piece. Perfect for this time of year.