I’ve been spending a lot of time with Mercury.  He called and, after a few Miss Oblivious episodes, I answered.  We’ve been tight Mercury and me.

Several months ago I bought some Mercury dimes from eBay.  I finally gave up looking for my own Dremel.  Dremel must be in the storage pods and will very soon be freed to be my trusty companion once again.  My friend Tink drilled holes in the dimes for me.  I began the Mercury Necklace and then there was The Everything In Your Life Will Change Like A House On Fire fire.

It is a work in progress.  I have many more little dangly bits to add to the wires around each dime.  Lots of bling.  The connecting chain and clasp haven’t been made yet either.  This is a good start, however, and has the main components in place.

I don’t know about you but I like to see what my intuition says about colors and stones and the like then I cross check with other correspondence lists to see if I’m on the money.  95% of the time I am which pleases me greatly.  I like to know I’m in tune with the energies.

As I was going through my bead stash a little box of Alexandrite beads said, “oooh pick me! pick me!”  I bought them some long time ago, they weren’t my usual type of choice and they’ve been waiting.  And then the purple and pink called me.  And some blue.  And I thought, huh, I have always thought of Mercury as golden.  But sure enough, those are his colors and stone too. The Alexandrite picks up the colors next to it so it appears as though its color is changeable.

The dimes dangle with the Alexandrite and beads between each dangle.  I used head pins with balls and with rhinestones to get the dimes to dangle. Behind each head pin’s “head” is a little disc of gold.  Several years ago I bought some gold filled “spangles” or “paillettes” from Threadneedle Street in Issaquah, my all time favorite needlework thread store.  I was into reproduction embroidery in a big way and had thought that I would do either an Elizabethan sweet bag or coif but I never did.  So the spangles have sat waiting too.  They are now on the mercury necklace.  So now I have real silver and real gold to honor Mercury silver in the form of money with his image to encourage financial bounty.  I hope to encourage him to bring me more silver and gold and not so much trickery and hard lessons. Or thievery.

For something completely different I used my sheets as background because, yes, I’m doing this all from my cozy bed with my trusty laptop. Still working out the finer details of the new camera too.  Looking forward to crispier shots.,

1 thought on “Mercury

  1. How lovely (the necklace, not the bedsheets!).

    I do the same thing you do because I’ve never been able to remember correspondences. Most of the time I’ll check to see what the lists have to say, especially regarding crystals and stones, but sometimes it just feels right and I couldn’t care less what somebody else has to say on the matter. Same goes with oils and incense, especially since I blend and make a lot of my own.

    May Mercury land you a great, big salary!

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