It’s been years since I participated in a flame war online.  It’s been years since I got entangled with a troll.  These days I either stumble into it and then leave but mostly I’m never on the online forums so I never run in to it.  The truth is, especially when I was drinking, I might have been a troll a time or two myself.  It’s one reason I recognize it.  Whether I was the troll or not, I always got entangled, caught by the hook.

Today I ran into it.  And I stayed to play.  I’m tired of shlepping, I’m tired of cleaning, I’m tired of fending off Dad.  I bit.  But at least today I was not the Troll.

65 facebook comments to a question a friend posted asking about born again white light experiences that were not religiously specific.

She posted hers, I posted mine, She said wow yours was cool, I said wow so was yours  xoxox, xoxox

What was really amazing was that my friend said in her experience she called Jesus and he spoke to her.  She calls Brighid these days but we started talking about how the deities that you call, generally come and say hi.

Then a friend of hers popped up and told me I was crazy and a Christian and not a witch.

Really? How sir did you get Christian?  The Being/Entity/Energy that I saw and heard didn’t tell me their religious affiliation and they didn’t tell me that They have a friend in Jesus.

U Crazy



are you sure?


why you so angry


does all this energy taste good

hag – I’m leaving  (oops had that on the wrong line which messed everything up)


why are you still here

I’m not leaving, I’m staying for the discussion

immature wingnut christian whore nutbag


I know that I have come so far!  Awesome!  I laughed.  I thought it was pretty sad, then he pulled this card:

Our mutual friend told me last night that you are a wingnut.

Now, while she might have said something like Cynthia’s a little different with her theories but she loves me.  I know this.  She has been a tried and true friend, more than any other last year.   We love each other.  But a part of me wondered.


go away and die right now

3 fold return

bitch fuck off


cast the first stone

hey didn’t jesus say that? you must be a christian then!


I need a shower *shields up*

So much progress, so far to go.

3 thoughts on “Trolls

  1. My friend Gary sent me an email the other day (which I tossed), but it went something like this:

    A woman driving a SUV pulled up to a stop light and, when the car in front of her didn’t take off on the green light fast enough, started honking her horn and swearing, flinging the finger at the person in front of her and gesturing wildly. A cop immediately pulled her over, arrested her and threw her in the clink. About two hours later she was released and the arresting officer apologized. “See, lady, when I saw you honking, swearing and gesturing rudely, and I saw all the Christian and right to life bumper stickers on the car you were driving, I just automatically assumed you must have stolen the car.” Hypocrites abound.

  2. What’s really sad is that this guy calls himself a witch… I think he’s less than 25 and must have had an experience with someone who called themselves Christian and it scarred him for life. That’s all I can figure because he clearly hates C’s and it’s such a huge button for him he jumps at even a hint and then sees nothing but red. It’s so sad. Yesterday I thought we had found common ground which is why I was taken by surprise today.

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