What a Day

The carpet is in and I’m moving down today.  I will be sleeping in my new digs tonight and so will Miss Mitty.

There are some things I need to take care of that I expected the paid people to do but they are pretty minor.  However, the painter didn’t sand as he said he would and paint is coming up on the woodwork where things have touched.  Seriously irritating.  But I get to move in. TODAY.

The carpet is lovely, golden tan, and very plush. The area is just full of light.  A major difference from before when it was dark and dingy and depressing and dirty and disorganize and and and…

This week will be about getting down here and taking care of the touch ups on the paint and the like. The sun is out, spring is here in force.  It’s a good day.

Didn’t get a second interview on either job.  Was a little surprised with one of them.  Makes me sad.  I have some money thanks to a loan. I’d feel better knowing my unemployment was going to go through.  I’m sure it will but it’s hard waiting for the answer.  A little emotional and teary today.

Going to burn some incense tonight to warm the place up a bit and get into Gratitude…

Photos soon.

2 thoughts on “What a Day

  1. Sorry to hear you lost out on the jobs. The Mother, however, is obviously in a providing mood; who knows what she is planning.

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