Counting down…  I’ll make the venting rant worth your while with photos at the end.  You can skip the rant and go straight to the photos, they’re more interesting…

Tomorrow the carpet cleaners come for the little room and the stairway and then the installers come to put in the new carpet.  It’s going to be very nice and cushy, nicer than the upstairs.

The painter is gone and I’m glad.  Nice guy but a little spacey and he didn’t do some things he said he would do.  Like replace the one short strip of molding at the top of the ceiling (no problem, he says, I’ve got that stuff laying around my house).  Half of the baseboard trim wasn’t actually wood and some of it was missing completely (no problem that stuff is cheap, I can do it all for $200, written estimate?  $450. uh, no, think I can do it myself). Like fill all the nail holes in the walls (no you don’t have to do that, he says, just fill in the holes on the trim, I’ll do the walls) so I’m filling and then having to repaint. Grrrr.  Dude, I had the spackle out.  I should have just done it.

Dad keeps wanting to help but his memory is short and he keeps calling people to come fix a 12 year old copier.  No matter how many times I tell him that Toshiba already said they no longer make parts and it’s not worth fixing…  he gets all mad at me because he’s determined to help and to have his own way.   He follows us around like a shadow and then just stands there swaying and staring, trying so very, very hard to prove he’s present and available.  He swears we’re talking about him and sometimes we actually are.  He tries to fix things that aren’t broken so then they suddenly are.  When I can get some distance I find my love overflowing with compassion and gratitude for him but when he’s breathing down our necks, ARGH.  He keeps thinking his office is downstairs and goes down to look for stuff and I’m worried he’s just going to bust in on me because every day the memory has to be remade.

My feet hurt, my back hurts, CRAMPS.  After 10 weeks I got my period (but that’s okay, 10 weeks!  woohoo it’s still happening, The Croning) and it showed up on the coven’s Ostara rit yesterday and the cramps were so fierce that muscle relaxers didn’t work, prescription muscle relaxers.  So it was a completely down and bitchy day on percocet.  Cramps today too but better. Still cranky.

Miss Mitty won’t come out from under the bed because things are so,  hmmm, cattywampus.  Oh, wait, here she is.  Sweet Mitty.

Yard sale Sat/Sun to get rid the furniture that we have in great abundance.  Please make it so. We have got to make some room.  Dad now wants to keep his roll top desk and a bookshelf. One we were selling, the other I was going to use.  Sure, it’s his stuff but where is he going to put it and how on earth are we going to get that desk upstairs into the back bedroom with no maneuver room.  And I sold my bookshelves to move in here and now he doesn’t want me to have the shelf.  *sigh*

Haven’t heard on that job yet but she said I’d hear from her and must assume that it is still open.

I don’t need sympathy, I’m just venting. It’s got to go somewhere.  I’ve been remarkably calm and sweet through this entire month and apologized yesterday because I was truly cranky.  Did I mention we have 5 drills but they’re all crap, don’t know that any of them work adn where are the bits any way.  Those tools are in such a mess and I can’t relate to treating my stuff like this.  My Dremel and Makita are in the storage pods so will need to wait until then to install the small bathroom shelf and the closet organizers but that’s not so bad.

I can move in this weekend and while it will not be home yet, it will feel like things are continuing to flow and that is a good thing.

There is a lot of light in this basement, so much better than the basement I was in before.  It’s light until almost 7 (the only thing I like about daylight savings).

Clickie makes biggie

The old bath

The New Bath

The old family room

To the far right is the L with the bath directly to the left.  To the immediate right is the door to what will be a craft room.  The mirror that you will see in the last photo is right behind the photo copier.

The new craft room

Living area

Bed area

The wall to the right is the cut off mark and there will be sheer curtains at this point that won’t reach all the way across but will create the feeling of separation

This mirror was my mother’s mother’s and it is gorgeous, inlaid wood in a deco style, almost 3′ x 4′.    I love this creamy color…  Bed to the left, craft to the right, bath behind and living behind and to the left.

6 thoughts on “Countdown

  1. It is definitely going to be well worth the aggravation, work and wait — you will see. Tell Pops no deal on the desk and shelves — you are the parent now. That’s the true irony of modern life. Our parents live to such an old age that they lose function and decline into a child-like state and we become the care-takers. I’ve tenderly “laid down the law” with my beloved Grandmother a few times (over things like continuing to drive when she weakened further after her stroke) and my dementia riddled Mother. I’m not there on a daily basis as you are, but I’m afraid it’s time for you to reassess your strengths and capabilities in making your father respect YOUR authority. The faeries and I have your back, my sister; just remember, tenderness and compassion are strengths, too.

    • Uh you clearly don’t know my father… He’s at times violent and very strong. There is no LAW I get to lay down. It’s all compromise. No sweet little old ladies here. If there was a way for me to lay down the law I wouldn’t have had to call the cops on my dad to get him to stop driving. *sigh*

      Negotiations are for more effective if not also far more tiring.

      Monday the sale will be done and that pain in the ass part of it will be over. A HUGE relief…

      And, yeah, I know it will be worth it. I’m just ITCHING to get down there… Carpet install put off three days due to another screw up on the part of LOWE’S. I am a Home Depot Gal from this day forward.

  2. Yay, it looks SO good! It will all be worth it!

    Is there a door down to your new basement apartment that can be closed? If so put a new doorknob on that sucker with a lock or install a deadbolt and put a sign on other side of the door like “C’s Room”. That oughta work for your dad’s forgetful moments and will let you avoid those possible awkward moments… When I was living with my grandmother who’s alzheimer’s was advancing I had to leave notes everywhere for her – it worked.


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