My New Bath

The only thing I have to say before just posting the photos is that the towels are not black but a gorgeous eggplant purple.  Very dark but not so dark you would think they were a color other than purple.  And that the room is teeny, only a shower.  Plus I removed the shower door which was glass and badly cracked and replaced it with a simple shower curtain.  oh, don’t forget, the floor is the last to be done, new linoleum when we re-do the upstairs bathroom later this spring.  Last thing, I promise.  I keep that kitty litter box CLEAN let me tell you (pine pellets) even if it weren’t front and center.

For those just joining us, this work was done due to a fire in our home February 21st.

Clickie make biggie…

2 thoughts on “My New Bath

  1. What a lovely improvement. The canvas “box” is very cool, and I love the glass framed picture (is it yours?).

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