OMG It Worked

Your gambling chakra is conspiring with your inner roughneck to pull a fast one on your dignity chakra and your inner wuss. If they get away with their scheme you may find yourself having ridiculous yet holy fun in high places. And I wouldn’t be surprised if in the course of these hijinks, your spirit guides channeled some holistic karma into the part of your psychic anatomy that we in the consciousness business call your “spiritual orgy button.” APRIL FOOL! Sorry if that sounded a bit esoteric. I was invoking some faux shamanic jargon in the hope of bypassing your rational mind and tricking you into experiencing a fizzy, buoyant altered state, which would be an excellent tonic for both your mental and physical health.

Had me laughing and my brain twisting into a pretzel on the first sentence.  I was all cool, that would be fun er funny er hey wait a minute that sounds like I’d be in public with my pants dow…  HEY!

My inner wuss has had far too much attention this past year that she’s not all that inner and is kind of outer.  Bitch.  The truth is my gambling chakra and inner roughneck have been whispering little bits in my ear of late and some of it is fun and some of it really is reckless.  So.


All I want right now is to get my storage pods empty and start nesting in earnest.  Today however, there isn’t a lot to do and its gorgeous outside at the moment. Think I’ll catch a noon meeting and a movie.  Hmmm, Alice in Wonderland sounds like just what the doctor ordered…  There’s some wild craziness without destroying my bank account.

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