Spruce Up My Inner Beauty?

Is it true what they say — that you can never have too many friends? If you don’t think so, it’s a good time to re-evaluate your position. And if you do agree, then you should go out and get busy. According to my reading of the astrological omens, you’re likely to be extra lucky in attracting new connections and deepening existing alliances in the coming weeks. The friendships you strike up are likely to be unusually stimulating and especially productive. To take maximum advantage of the favorable cosmic rhythms, do whatever you can to spruce up your inner beauty.

 No easy task that… But oh goody!!!  The best way to do that is to Step. Away. From. The. Computer.

1 thought on “Spruce Up My Inner Beauty?

  1. Ah, yeah. I went out with some friends for awhile May Eve *SQUEE!* Almost killed me (nearly passed out getting ready, then nearly passed out again and wasn’t allowed to leave the pub until “my color was better” — probably dehydration and malnourishment), but sooooo worth it to see everyone. Two girls I thought were new were actually the grown children of one couple (kids I’ve known since they were knee-high and just totally didn’t recognize), but we all agreed we didn’t feel old at all!

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