Speaking of Friends

and once again being a few days ahead of my horoscope…

Is it true what they say — that you can never have too many friends? If you don’t think so, it’s a good time to re-evaluate your position. And if you do agree, then you should go out and get busy. According to my reading of the astrological omens, you’re likely to be extra lucky in attracting new connections and deepening existing alliances in the coming weeks. The friendships you strike up are likely to be unusually stimulating and especially productive. To take maximum advantage of the favorable cosmic rhythms, do whatever you can to spruce up your inner beauty.

I’m working on this quite a bit actually.  I’m going to different meetings, I’m taking a new sober woman to a meeting every week, I have a new weekly Greenlake walking partner, and I’m connecting with an old friend I haven’t seen in a couple years for coffee tomorrow morning.  I’m trying to set up a date with this guy but he’s busy and elusive and has his head down.  But I’m working on it and we chat a lot, have much in common, trying not to put any pressure (I get the sense that this time I need to move very slowly, more will be revealed).   I’m getting out there and yet still doing the other stuff, sorting boxes, looking for work, doing work for that unemployment benefit to get here very soon, starting to run low on funds.  The new friends are definitely coming into my life and filling the void left from last year.  It feels really good.  And these friends, while there is no pressure to be anything truly connected as those connections can take time, it feels nice to be having conversations with kindred spirits and interesting people.

I’m reading a lot.  I ran out of Charmed so haven’t been stitching.  The final season has a waiting list at the library unlike the previous seasons.  You didn’t think I actually spent MONEY on this stuff did you? I was very curious.  I don’t have TV as some of you might remember and I wanted to see what that show was all about.  I can’t dis something I’ve never actually watched now can I?  I don’t recommend it myself.  I’d rather know what Im talking about and besides I *love* candy.  Can’t help it.  The glossy pouty lips really got on my nerves, I mean REALLY.  But I do like to have a long stretch of fairly mindless video for stitching. Xena is a favorite.  It occurred to me last night that perhaps I should try some stitching without video and see what comes from that.   My reading is everything from total juvenile witch candy to a Christian journalist’s year of interviewing Wiccans (I’ll let you know how this goes) to inspiration books on handwork and on handwork and magic.  Slowly continuing to work on my Book of Shadows illustrations.  Doing a lot of work in pencil right now eventually to be colored.

A lot of thinking about how to use my Book of Shadows.  I’ve never been one for writing in journals.  Turns out I’ve not been writing down any of the magical work in my book.  Not that he told me or anything.  But we were talking about magical work and keeping a BoS and I said well I just don’t do much except my daily devotions.  He went around my new place (this was last week) and touched all kinds of things I have made and said, these need to be written about in your book.  You need to note in your BoS all the illustrations you’re doing too.  Date it.  Ah. Okay then.  All of this is magical work.  I knew that, really I did, but it never occurred to me that it went in the BoS.  Truth is, I’ve been a very lax BoS person in general.  I’ve not kept much record of what I’ve done except here.  Time to turn over a new leaf.  Get it?  New leaf?  New page?  Start.  Just start.

The spring rains have been here and the sun has been hiding a lot lately.  To cheer us up, the pink dogwood is in bloom and it’s just gorgeous.  I think that the Pink Flowering Dogwood is my favorite spring tree.  Right after the Lilac.

3 thoughts on “Speaking of Friends

  1. i like charmed, and buffy and other such mindless programs cause i find that they keep that part of my mind busy, or distracted that needs to me, and have found that i can get quite a lot of crafting done when have been watching them.. mmm.. i can remember spending a large chunk of time watching several seasons of buffy at once, and also writing in my BoS… teheh..

    anyway.. i also have never been one for writing everything down in teh trusty BoS, hell i have only just now started to remember to write down recipes of various incense and bath salts that i make.. *laughs*. anyway.. i find it a hole bunch more meaningful and more appealing to write in my BoS when i need to.. i do not see the point of recording every bit of ‘magic’ that i do, because 1/ it seems to much like being told what to do and how to do it, and 2/ for me to write such things down makes them to formulaic, to hand holdey and not me. 3/ a lot of magic that i do has no words or formulas, thus difficult to put into words.

    so what i do write and i have two, one that is more journally that gets written in when i am learning a lesson, or trying to figure out a lesson, so to speak, and then the other where i put occasional readings, seasonal correspondents, and a bunch of rituals. during the buffy watching i sat down and thought very hard about ritual words.. as i am not fond of “i call upon the watchtowners of the blar blar” so i looked at what words or phrases would inspire me if i was to cast a circle and scared space.. i love the reclaiming s “by the air that is her breath, the fire of her bright spirit, the waters of her living womb and the earth that is her body” so i have a ritual calling script that inspires me that has allowances for formal and fly by the seat of your pants type..

    so i guess what this huge ramble is about is that 1/ write when you are inspired to write, because it must have meaning to you and be able to inspire you when you are uninspired, so that when you go back and read your BoS you don’t cringe but have fond memories and 2/ i find using the term regularly to be less daunting than that booming “you must write every day and every detail.” pwah.. i say..

    umm.. yeah.. *beams*


    • No defiance needed. I didn’t mean to imply that I am being forced or even asked to do anything or that he wants me to write every day.

      I love my teacher and agree with 95% of his ideas. What happens is that I am always inspired to write about it, just that I write it all here and this isn’t a real record that I can pass on or show him. This blog is NOT my book of shadows. I could easily just print certain entries and add them to my BoS. He wants a written record in one place.

      What you say you do is exactly what my teacher is talking about.

      I was trying to say that he would like me to look at what I do do as ritual (as opposed to just art or just drawing) and to include that. Not just recipes etc. That most of what I personally do IS witchcraft. When I make a magical book cover, record that I did so. When I illustrate a new page, sign and date it.

      Coven stuff doesn’t need to go in there because we keep a written coven BoS/record.

      As to Buffy and Charmed (Buffy is so much better but they had Josh so that’s that), yes, it’s about keeping my monkey mind occupied while I let the organic process of crafty artistry come through. And I like keeping it on topic as it were. Xena is obviously off topic but it makes me laugh. Cadfael is closer to the mark than some might think.

  2. I only record in my BOS (1) recipes, incantations, etc. that I may want to duplicate later and notes about their efficacy, and (2) intuitions, visions, results, etc. that I want to check back in on for accuracy. I used to write down everything in different BOS dedicated to different topics, but to continue doing so would just result in duplication now, so what would be the point? I now have 35 years worth of “witchy journals”! I think BOS requirements change with experience. When you’re learning something new, more detailed “documentation” is necessary for your edification.

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