Just an Update

Okay, that was brief.

Here’s the truth.  I’ve been stressed beyond belief.  Unemployment turned me down, three appeals.  I’ve been interviewing for a position at my old company and it’s a good one.

And I got a job.  They hired me yesterday then I had to jump some hoops, they wanted to talk to the woman who fired me and I refused.  So 24 more hours of really edgy stress.  I got the job anyway! They love me!  I start June 1st.  I’m predicting that since it’s full time that I’m going to be busy and a bit tired for awhile.  One reason I’ve been a bit absent and will continue to be so.

In my second interview I sat down at the conference table in front of 2 of the 6 people who were going to interview me and my knee hit the emergency latch and the table split in two and folded in half.  Guess they know how I handle very unexpected and sudden stress.  When asked how I handle competing priorities I told them that I warp time.  One lady shot out her hand and said “You’re Hired.”    It was 8 days before the final FINAL offer was made but I’m just ecstatic.  These folks are so very nice, it can be a home I’m thinking.  My cubicle walls (3 real walls at least, not some pod) are eggplant purple and there is a bit of privacy there.  I knew it was the right place.  I also discovered that one of my BTW mates works there, also a good sign, he’s been there a long time.

The other thing happening is that I’ve been in the budding first weeks of beginning a relationship with someone.  It’s amping up and things are getting intense interesting after about 6-7 weeks of just getting to know each other.  We have a lot in common, a 30 year history of mutual friends and music interests and we think very much alike, very similar minds.  So many things in common I really can’t list them here.  He’s a doll really and we both have stelliums in our natal charts, his scorpio and mine leo.  My Cancer sun makes the scorpio thing look like a good idea and his other planets balance him, he’s a kind and playful scorpio.  We both have the same rising sign.  My intuition says that this is the guy that my ex and Steve sent me.  A rockin’ chicken man.  And guess what?  We have never met.  We meet Friday.  Another reason I’ve been a bit absent and will continue to be so if all goes well.

At any rate there is a lot of exciting change going on.  Boy Howdy, it’s pouring over here.  I can finally breathe again.

I had to share that fabulous news.

So I’ll be around, don’t give up on my blog, I’ll just be a bit sporadic as I adjust to all the new and wonderful change that is going on.  The Honey Years are finally getting to the sweetness.  The bee spit months appear to be well on their way out.

5 thoughts on “Just an Update

  1. I’m interested in the same rising sign thing.
    My partner, who I’ve been with for 11 years now, and I have the same rising sign (Scorpio!). This makes for the same houses, of course, and I’ve found that it can overcome a lot of otherwise off-putting astrological conditions – like suns and moons squared, which we have.Something like a celestial diamond, all hard edges.
    Oh and well done that girl on landing the job – they sound like a cool bunch of people. I’ve been with my company for going on 9 years now: very unconventional firm, very good fit.
    Terri in Joburg

    • OMG. We both have Scorpio rising too!!! hahaha. awesome

      It’s going to be very interesting to see how this all pans out but I like what you say about it overcoming things. I hadn’t thought about that aspect at all, the same houses. Doh! But it makes sense. Perhaps it explains why we are so sympatico.

      I’m very excited about firm good fits… 😉

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