Lazy Sunday

I was just looking at this photo and it hit me.

The vase is from Portugal, the statue from Greece, the pillow from France, all gifts brought to me by friends. I have so many friends all over the world, interesting friends, lovely people, and I suddenly felt overwhelmed with gratitude for how good my life is.

And the Mitty? Miss Mitty? The Kitty Mitty never leaves my side if she can help it. It’s really about being in a prime spot to get random pets all day but hey, I can tell myself it’s love right? Love and a sheepskin bed.

My own art, my mothers high chair, my first stuffed animal sitting in my first chair, the ancestor altar and pet cemetery, grandma’s tatted lace linens, and the ever present box of stitching tools and random thread, a turkey bone, and pins, always pins…

West altar with boob shell, stitching in progress, always stitching, books, never enough books.

Christmas in May… The cactii are Haaaaaappppy

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