Things are going well

Love the new job. Love being a manager. Love it love it love it. I had a thought today. That the string of shitty bosses I’ve had over the years has taught me what not to do because I know how it feels to be treated badly, with hostility, how it feels to be told I’m incompetent, what it’s like to hate coming in, even getting out of bed, because you can’t bear to face that horror one more day.

I’m loving being a great boss. I’m loving being able to be kind and understanding to my new staff person, who’s been having a hard time of it since her friend and last boss left. I’m just thrilled she is telling everyone how much she wanted me to be her new boss and how glad she is that I’m there. I am making the faculty very happy, I’m making things better. It is an amazing feeling. The alarm goes off and I don’t dread going in to work. I have all kinds of ideas to make things run more smoothly thanks to the department peeps bringing me their wish lists. Very exciting. So this is what it feels like to have a job that seems tailor made for you.

Who knew!

4 thoughts on “Things are going well

  1. Ooooo! I haven’t visited your blog since the hiatus post and I’m so happy to see this very romantic layout and all the happy news from your life. Yay for things going your way, for a new perfect job, for a beautiful home, and a little bit of love!


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