Decisions Decisions

I have embellished the sun motifs with the little green french knots and now need to decide if I’m going to add the “snowflakes” to the diagonal areas in the lower half.  I’m thinking yes at this point.  I can’t help but feel there is too much white space.  This piece is like those Persian carpets where you and your friends, after a few glasses of wine, tried to find the mistakes that were intentionally in there so that the Gods wouldn’t be angered.  Except I didn’t do mine on purpose.  😉  I’m very pleased for the most part and the second sleeve is going to be a breeze since the bulk of the decisions are made.  I also think I need something extra at the bottom and I’m considering a second tulip motif like the one in the middle. I really don’t understand, design wise, the squiggly lines there and at the bottom.  I’m sure there’s a good magical reason for it (Sarah? Any thoughts) but my sensibilities don’t like it.

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