Shadowscapes Tarot

OMG. It’s finally here!  The Shadowscapes Tarot.  I think it’s been here for awhile. I didn’t have a job and therefore, money, so I assumed when I purchased the Shadowscapes Tarot and the amazon page said (Paperback) that I was purchasing the book because the cards weren’t published yet.  What arrived was the full deck of cards and book.


I’ve been waiting for this day for 5 years at least.  A total fan of Stephanie Pui-Mun Law, I’ve been drooling over this particular project of hers for so long I’m just stunned that the moment is here. I can hardly wait for lunchtime so I can go outside and play with them.  Until now the Druidcraft Tarot has been the deck I use, almost exclusively (I own probably 3 dozen decks or more), but those cards are very large for my smallish hands and this new deck, that speaks to my soul?  Fits just right.

1 thought on “Shadowscapes Tarot

  1. I’m a tarot-hog (uh, collector) and I got mine in April. It is magnificent. And I wonder why I’m so dang poor! Oh, well, I’m rich in spirit (and books and tarot cards and witchy herbs and other magical goodies and it just goes on and on and on — just shy of hoarding!).

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