Didn’t Summer Just Start

I find myself confused by the season at the moment. We had a very late starting summer. The clouds and rain didn’t really go away until last week. We’d had a couple good pleasant days here and there but broke a record for the longest stretch of no 75 degree days. I’ve lived here in Seattle all my life and don’t expect much in the way of traditional summer weather until after my birthday, which is July 4th. Some other jaded folks agree and say that summer here starts on July 5th. It felt longer than usual.  It felt hard to take.  So many needed at least pleasant weather to, er, weather the hard times that have hit so many of us.

The tomatoes are just starting to take off, we are still eating fresh raspberries (late season indeed), and the corn has not got it’s tassels yet.

I find myself stunned because for me, autumn has always started at Lammas. Sure it’s August and our hottest, driest days have yet to arrive, but the evenings cool down, there is the faint smell of mist on the wind in the mornings, and the trees start getting a hint of color that isn’t green on their tips.

I’m NOT ready! I need more time. I think the bunny project will help me feel it’s summer still, getting outside will help, and I need some lemonade and more cherries. There aren’t enough cherries!

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