Poll ~ No Fire Sale

Someone recently asked if I had a shop and I said that I used to.  Well, I’ve decided to try once again.  I must sell many precious items, I really need to raise some money, and will be opening my Etsy shop again this weekend.  I have many completed items of clothing and tarot pouches and pagan decoration thingies as well as some items which are close to completion that I set aside and will now complete.

Some items will be hard to part with so I will be agonizing over a few things as well.

Please speak up and let me know if this is something that folks might be SERIOUSLY interested in. Times are tough on the economic front and my prices are what I consider highish.  I need to know if I’m being realistic.  For instance, I’m considering selling the turquoise faery jacket for $300 but that might be ridiculous… I want this stuff to SELL.

I’ll be selling the  following as well as many other items:

11 thoughts on “Poll ~ No Fire Sale

  1. You know, I just checked your Etsy shop the other day to see if you had decided to re-open… I have been hoping you would– I so love your embroidered items. I think that anyone who appreciates hand-made items, and the talent and time that go into them will understand that your prices reflect that.

  2. While your prices might be “high-ish” compared to manufactured clothing, they are quite reasonable for the hours of your life that went into making the beautiful stitched and embroidered things. (It grieves me that so many people do not value their time, which is after all the only wealth that we are given, and exchange it for so little) I know that you value every precious bit, so please do not undervalue your artistry. If I was not so very money-poor myself, I would comission you to make something for me. Your designs and workmanship are so excellent and beautiful. PS I am loving seeing how your new wooden box is coming along! The imagery is exquisite

    • Ditto on the commission work, I love your work too. And thanks on the box. I’m loving this box very much.

      Right now it is more about bringing money in NOW and less about me not valuing myself correctly. I really need this stuff to fly off the shelves if possible. While I do admit, I really have no idea how much to price my things at, right now I need to know what the market will bear. God.

  3. As long as your prices are fair to match your handcrafted items, people will pay the money. Charge to little and they may sit there people thinking they are made from cheap materials or are done by machine… From having sold on bold I’ve noticed on Etsy that higher prices equals more sales, but on Ebay cheaper prices equals sales period. People want quality on Etsy, but on Ebay they just want a deal. You should be fine with your prices on Etsy 😉

    Best of luck and lucky people who nab your gorgeous textiles!


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