Day One Over, Day Two To Go

The last yard sale of the year is in progress. We sold $50 worth of 25 cent stuff.  Gave some of it away. The furniture remains. But nothing but the furniture and the vintage White sewing machine will remain after this time tomorrow because the rest will go to the thrift store or the free pile on the corner.

My feet hurt and I think I’m clenching my jaw but it’s almost over. The 6 month battle of the garage. Today my mother finally, FINALLY, after all these years and the last intense months, sat for two hours and sorted one of her boxes of papers. She was disgusted after two hours. Welcome to my world ma.

One thing I do love is the people.

  • The 7 year old twee twins who went home with my faery hair pieces, their father utterly disgusted that I gave them away, he would not have spent the 75 cents… The girls were extremely excited.
  • The new neighbors from Thailand.
  • The student who bought the German/Finnish dictionary
  • My buddy Scott who bought the postcards from the British West Indies where my grandmother was born that are 100 years old and yet brand new. And the postcards that are also brand new from World War I military exercises.
  • The dogs, oh yes, the dog love rocked.
  • The weather. Perfect Septmber weather, 65 and sunny.  YES!
  • Three pings from D, THREE. Every time I went online to check something out, there he was.  Great time chatting.  He’s taking me to see Vampire Weekend on the 23rd. Oh Boy oh boy.  With the mutual friend I found who helped me find the friend who died. That will be a blast.

Abundance happens. Just not in the way I pray it will. My prayers can be so small sometimes.

And the mutual friend mentioned above? Does some awesome goddessy music stuff. Here you go, my favorite piece. Perfect for this time of year.

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