Wintery Goodness

And so it begins. The snow is falling, lightly but undeniably. Yes!! Love love love snow. They are saying here in the PNW that we are to expect the worst winter since 1955.  Goodness. I remember 2008 being a bit of a doozy over Christmas and there was 1989 and 1980.  We shall see. The news media around here needs SOMETHING to talk about.

Mr. Furnace and I had a lovely long drive up the Skagit Valley yesterday while the sun was still shining.  Oyster sandwiches for lunch, visited friends, good conversation, gorgeous vistas.  Very nice day.

Today I’m in the mood for hibernating. Did the required grocery run with 9.63 million other people having the exact same idea but survived the insanity and made it home with supplies to make shortbread for a good friend and pumpkin muffins. mmmmmm mmmmmmm good.

I finished my sister in law’s birthday present last night and will be mailing it off to her tomorrow.  I hope she likes it, I know I do.

Then the mass productions frantic relaxedness for Christmas/Yule/Solstice presents gets into full swing. Knitted scarves for bro and D, a lovely box for nephew, placemats and napkins for SIL, crocheted woolen potholders for mum plus some ice cream dishes she wants.  Dad will get books and maybe a shirt (his birthday is Christmas Eve so he gets double).  He is impossible to make things for. Every once in a blue year I nail it but mostly I have to buy something for him.  The two scarves are half way done, the potholders are 76% done, the box is a figment of my imagination and I must get busy (nephew, when seeing my rigid container box ran over, grabbed it and went OOOOHHHHH so of course he will get something similar if a bit smaller). Napkin fabric is selected and washed, two lovely cotton fabrics both with the teal/pale turq/brown in modern/retro prints. Should go nice with her furnishings. Making good progress.

Yule letter needs to be written and cards prepped and ready for mailing soon. I love love love this time of year. Come to think of it what time of year DON”T I like?  I love them ALL!!

3 thoughts on “Wintery Goodness

  1. Nice box .. *skips*.. *snigger’s*..

    we are getting some warm days here.. which is nice.. yay summer.. although i will one year spend a winter somewhere where it snows and is christmas at the same time… *nods*


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