Last Night In Seattle

Mr. Furnace laughed at me when I said I was afraid to drive home from his house last night. It was a nightmare if a little beautiful. Still a little peeved at him…

Update: How can I stay mad? I can not.

1 thought on “Last Night In Seattle

  1. I’m not sure which year it was (sometime between 1988 and 1992), but one of the years that I was living in Seattle, I was at a housecleaning job north of the city, and it started snowing while I was working. The house was on the side of a north-facing hill. I tried to drive away, and my car started sliding backwards downhill! Fortunately I was able to somehow steer the VW bus back safely against the curb. I ended up staying at that house for a day and a half, till a friend with a jeep could come and get me. My poor bus ended up parked there for almost three months till the ice melted in the springtime.

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