Inexpensive Gift Idea

Looking for the perfect gift without spending too much money?  I must recommend the tool I use EVERY day.  My Wickman. This thing is the best.  The scoopy end is perfect for freeing wicks that have become trapped in wax or making the melted well larger.  The pointy scrapey end I use to bend the wick into the melted wax to put out the wick with no smoke or stinky smell.  I use it to pry that last bit of votive candle out of a little jar, either the last of the wax or the stuck metal wick holder.  It is also perfect for writing on your candles and other handy tasks, both magical and mundane. This is THE best “white handled knife” you will ever own.  *winkwink*  This thing is really strong and sturdy too, very well made.

I’m just a satisfied customer. Click on the image to go their webpage…

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